The Dream

Permanent Culture Studios will serve as an implementing agency where artists can generate a dynamic environment that supports the growth and evolution of a permanent culture within a sustainable community.

Permanent Culture Studios (PCS) is a network of sustainable studios that falls under the umbrella of the Artist Sustainability Project. Intended to function as an art center, PCS will provide a foundation and resources for artists, as well as, a physical space where they can utilize these resources to invite and engage the community to be a part of sustainable creative initiatives.

PCS will focus on bringing artists together in a collective environment to nurture and support creative ideas that generate sustainable lifestyles, educative art initiatives, in efforts to cultivate community, and culture.

There is a disconnection between artist and community. Often times, artists do not have the means or the resources to support themselves within a community. Because there is a limited market and number of programs that support artists at a level that would allow them to dedicate their time fully to artistic endeavors, it is often difficult for artists to see their ideas to fruition. 

If given an opportunity, artists could come together to seek out, access and utilize scarce resources within a community. Under a collective banner, these artists would be better equipped through a support system that is self-generated. Scarce resources can be sewn into self-driven and sustainable opportunities that promote and support artists and their work, they also hold great value in their potential to create jobs within the ASP network. 

There is a need to form relationships that stimulate a dialogue between artists and their community. The PCS network is the doorway that welcomes artists to enter their community and activate that dialogue. When these relationships are nurtured, an environment is created that is fueled by innovation, integration and collective growth.