We’d like to offer you an opportunity to be a part of “The Artist at Work.”

We are not inviting you to an artist’s studio, nor are we inviting you to an art gallery. “The Artist at Work” is not painting on canvas or installing a sculpture. We invite you to meet “The Artist at Work” who is dedicated to creating art in everything they do.

“The Artist at Work” offers local businesses family-style lunch served in hand delivered clay pots made by local artists. Inspired by a wide range of world cuisines these meals will satisfy your appetite and inspire your palate with an array of unique and authentic flavors that are otherwise difficult to come by in North Texas. Eco friendly plates and cutlery will be provided with each meal.

The weekly prix fix menus offered in “The Artist at Work” serve as studies that will reinforce the foundation of food as an element in the performative sculpture series “Ce n’est pas un restaurant”.  “The Artist at Work” aims to generate support for the Artist Sustainability Project (ASP). All profits will be donated directly toward the launching of the coming year’s ASP initiatives.

“There is art in everything we do.”