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 “…in the night kitchen…” allows us to share this artistic experience with the community and allows them to be a part of the processes we are exploring, learning about and developing.

 “…in the night kitchen…” is a project that documents the evolution of this initiative with the hope of teaching and inspiring artists and community to participate, as well as promoting the value of artistic endeavors that bloom when we are all working together.  “…in the night kitchen…” documents every step of the process that has led to the creation of ASP, PCS, and the branches that stem from them.

Insights ranging from the personal story behind an artist’s work to the construction of a wood-fire kiln will all be documented. This documentation is transferred into short films and videos, photo galleries, written narratives and educational brochures and media that are shared with the community in order to allow them to learn about sustainable systems, creative problem solving and the potential both hold for creating lasting change.