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“The Hideaway Series” delivers dinner for four in a handmade clay pot. Once a month, for ten months a year, dinner and a work of art by a select group of local artists are brought to a capped number of patrons in exchange for their support of the Permanent Culture Studios. The clay pots are available for purchase but also function as an explorative tool: patrons can exchange the pots they were given one month for a new set of pots the following month.

It is through this exchange that “The Hideaway Series” provides a familiar alternative to the gallery, a rarer mode of seeing value in art. The Artist Sustainability Project retains the first five editions of the artwork that is exchanged every month. At year’s end, a community dinner is held where patrons are invited to take part in an auction that will establish the value of the work they were given over the course the year.

From dinner and art delivery, “The Hideaway Series” grows into an interactive and self-driven micro study of the potential art has as an investment, in the auction house. Patrons are given the opportunity to collaboratively explore and learn about the value of art. “The Hideaway Series” provides patrons with a participatory platform through which they are able to promote the exchange of ideas through their support for local artists and their work.

This series is presented in a limited edition.

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