Guest artists are invited to join patrons at the dinner table in an intimate dialogue while sharing a meal that tells its own story. As the dialogue unfolds, patrons and artists have the opportunity to listen to one another, discussing the roles that are communally shared amongst them as well as the roles that are specific to the separate characters. Bitter/Sweet Dinner Club guests are encouraged to absorb the experience as the life of a modern artist is revealed over dinner. Many potential patrons are motivated to support local artists but don’t know how. The gap that exists between patron and artist is narrowed through this shared experience. Sitting together at a dinner table the same way a family would, guests are welcomed to engage one another openly on a common level. Both patron and artist are given the opportunity to reflect on their roles and discuss tangible points of contact, access and support. The “Bitter/Sweet Dinner Club” pulls back the apparent layer of an artist at work in front of their easel or sculpting with clay to reveal the everyday job that is required to survive as an artist.