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ASPIRE is an educational outreach program for youth focused on art, urban agriculture, and cooking.

ASPIRE will plant its seeds this summer in Wonderland, where the magical moments when questions are discovered, explored and answered will live. Fueled by the very notion of ‘sustainability’, ASPIRE will affect communities for generations to come through responsible education models that foster youth’s ability to observe, question, analyze and solve relevant problems creatively. Workshops will challenge youth to look simultaneously inward and outward- to observe themselves as well as the world that surrounds them. Through artistic experimentation with a core group of artist-teachers, ASPIRE participants will discover their own understanding of one’s connection to their world, their impact on it and what can be either built or destroyed depending on their participation in it. ASPIRE intends to set a standard for the role of the artist in the world, as well as what can be made possible when human responsibility guides creative discovery.

a series of summer workshops will be announced soon.

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