The Artist Sustainability Project is a socially based endeavor that aims to foster and nourish creativity as a means toward an enriched and sustainable community.


The Artist Sustainability Project invites you to participate in the performative sculpture series

“Ce n’est pas un restaurant”, a Permanent Culture Studios Production.

The work in this series facilitates the Artist Sustainability Project, a socially based endeavor that was initiated in order to generate awareness, and create jobs while connecting patrons with artists. The series, “Ce nést pas un restaurant” consists of at least a dozen separate works that incorporate food as an element of the art, each of which reinvents the idea of the next. Patrons are invited to participate in each work of art in the series.

The ultimate realization of this series will facilitate the creation of a network of sustainable studios, called “Permanent Culture Studios”. The studios will function as a resource that generates income for working artists through a fresh, multi-faceted approach that will incorporate experience, performance, nourishment, and visual art.

You are invited to share in a learning process through your support of the many layers that will generate “Ce n’est pas un restaurant”. We encourage you to accept the offerings that are presented in this series.  Likewise, we hope that you will offer us your support as this production develops into a collection of living works of art that will allow for the creation of a sustainable artist network.